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By | April 2, 2019

For some, the new change from Hotmail to Outlook has been a big obstacle, and this was because the company was sold to Skype, so there are some changes you want to know. To begin, and answering the question of how to enter the Hotmail email , simply go as you always did through and you will need to enter your email and password.

If instead you used the mensegger to enter Hotmail , then things have changed. Now you will have 2 options to enter. The first as we have just mentioned, which in my case is the one I use, and if I do not configure your Hotmail account with Outlook Express, you will need to create your account in Outlook and configure and synchronize with your Hotmail account . This process may not be so simple, but it is another option.


Added to all this problem, another question arises? How to chat with those friends you had in the messenger? Well nowadays what has replaced the MSN is Skype . This is a simple application that is installed on your computer. Once installed you create a username and password and you can now add all your friends. Of course, this will require another big change, but it’s just a matter of getting reacquainted with the platform.

Among the most significant changes are how intuitive it is to find each component. For example, when writing an article, each step is exemplified. This means that even people without Internet experience can easily navigate different tasks.

What to do if you can not access the Hotmail Inbox with any of the above options?

Here it is no longer a problem of knowledge or use of Hotmail, but rather, a technical problem. If when entering Hotmail, the page does not reload but to other sites if you can enter normally, the problem is different.

For this if you use Windows, you will have to go to Run and type cmd. Click on Run and a ms-two window will automatically appear (with a black background). Then place the following phrase “ipconfig / flushdns” (without quotes). When placing this data, what you do is erase the cache of your computer. With this, 90% of the cases are usually solved. My recommendation is that in addition to clearing the cache, you delete the cookies.

I hope that this short article on how to solve problems when making Hotmail enter has served you. If so, give it a like or share it. We will thank you all.

Hotmail is Microsoft’s popular mail service and is currently the most widely used mail service in the world.

Constantly the Windows Live service presents new features in its Windows Live Hotmail service, and even more considering the significant competition that exists in that segment of the market.

Once you are registered the process to enter Hotmail Inbox  is extremely simple.If you still do not have a Windows Live ID, we invite you to register on the official Hotmail site by clicking here .

  • First you have to enter the official Windows Live Hotmail site
  • There you must place your Windows Live ID that you have managed at the time of registration.
  • You must also enter your password
  • Remember that in case you have forgotten the password you can recover it by clicking on the link below the password box. You can opt for the options: “I forgot my password”, “I know my password and Windows Live ID account, but I can not log in” or “I think another user is using my Windows Live ID account”
  • Once you have solved the problem in case of not remembering your password, you have the possibility that you can “keep the session started”, but it is not recommended if you are accessing your account from a public computer.
  • Once the previous steps have been completed, click on “log in”.

With these simple steps you will have been able to access Hotmail and your email account.

If you are new to the wonderful world of the Internet, you may have asked yourself in what way to enter the Hotmail email. Actually these are simple steps of which you may not yet understand or have a lack of practice.

Next we will mention the points to follow to enter the Inbox.

As you know first of all, you must enter the access page to the Hotmail mail service by clicking here .

Then you will notice that some options of the service are presented on the left side of the page, but on the right side you will see how the service invites you to LOGIN, that is to say to the Hotmail email.

If you have ever entered the system and you have recorded by default your account you just have to enter the password with is indicated below.

The button that allows you to enter is hidden, that is why you must zoom in on the address where your account name is located. Then the above button will appear that says INCIATE SESSION in which you must click.

Now you have a data entry box in front of you where you must enter your password.

In case it is your first time to log in or from a different computer, you will probably have to log in with the option of Log in with a different Windows Live ID to enter the Inbox.

Therefore you must enter the data corresponding to your Windows Live ID and your password.

You can also check the boxes to REMEMBER where you remember your Windows Live ID, or check the box that says REMEMBER MY PASSWORD where you will not need to enter your password again.

This last option is valid for those who enter from their own computer and for which they have no problems accessing the account by a third party to enter Hotmail and see the inbox.

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