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By | April 2, 2019

If we want to go to the Hotmail home page , all we have to do is click on the following link or put in our browser the following address for hotmail start:

It can also happen that we want to have the first page when we open our browser that is the Hotmail startup , for this we must follow the method that is our browser.

Put Hotmail page home in Internet Explorer

If we want to put Hotmail as a start, in Internet Explorer, what we should do is in the top right click on Tools and click on Internet Options , there we will write as the home page.

  1. First we must open the Internet Explorer browser
  2. Then it would be convenient to type the address of in the address bar of the browser.
  3. Once the page is loaded we will go to the TOOL menu S and there we will select OPTIONS OF INTERNE T.
  4. Once the dialog box opens and we are inside the GENERAL PESTAÑA, we must click on the USE THE CURRENT button or type in the main page box, to generate a home page .
  5. Finally we click on the buttons APPLY and ACCEPT.
  6. That way it was configured as a home page.

Put homepage Hotmail in Firefox

To start Hotmail , in the case of Firefox we must go to the top menu and click on Tools, there in Options and a new window will appear where we will write the hotmail homepage , we accept everything and we will have our homepage.

  1. We open the Firefox browser
  2. We go to the TOOLS menu – OPTIONS
  3. In the general tab we will observe HOME PAGE
  4. There we can determine the current one in case the Hotmail homepage is loaded, or we can manually type the Hotmail Internet address.
  5. Finally we click on the ACCEPT button.

Put Hotmail start in other browsers

If we want to put the hotmail homepage in another of the browsers that we have not explained above, it is normal to go to the browser options and that will allow us to select which page we want to appear when we start the browser.

We write the Hotmail home page and we accept.

How to make Hotmail Start:

When we type in the Hotmail address in the address bar of our browser, the initial Hotmail page will appear where the user’s account data should be loaded, that is, the user’s name and password.

In case our account is not the one that appears by default we must click on the link that says START SESSION WITH A DIFFERENT WINDOWS LIVE.

Errors when starting the Hotmail email account:

1. If, when trying to log in, the following message is displayed: WINDOWS LIVE INCORRECT ID must be verified if the username entered is correct. Remember that the ID is the complete email address.

2. Incorrect password: you must verify that the password is correct. Remember that the shift key must be disabled because the system only admits that it is entered with lowercase letters.

3. Temporary files and cookies: It is likely that files of this type are causing an error when logging into the account.

4. Account closed or blocked: it may happen that the account is closed or blocked. These cases happen if the account has not been used in a certain time, or if there has been a breach of any Hotmail system rules. In most cases it is solvable but in others not so much, we recommend reading this article where the information is expanded. How to unblock a Hotmail account

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